Phuket – New Karon Gym

Welcome to the best gym in Phuket! New Karon Gym, under German management, has weights, machines and expert advice you need to stay in great shape in Karon, Phuket , Thailand.

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  1. Fedor says:

    Большое спасибо Эндрю за байк. Так же пару раз ходил в зал что бы поддержать себя в форме. Все тренажеры в отличном состоянии. Работает кондей. Как говорится – немецкое качество 🙂

  2. Quy says:

    Andrew not only runs the best equipped and located gym in Phuket, but also rents well serviced and modern motor bikes. When we’re in Phuket, Andrew is our motorbike guy. He charges resonable prices and is trustworthy. Do not rent somewhere else. Why? Because you will get scammed. Other bike rentals claim damages when you return the bikes. Not so Andrew. He is German and stands for quality, reliableness and fairness. Also he can provide you with all necessary informations for your entire stay. Andrew is our guy, let him be yours as well! Danke Andi, dafür dass du immer ein Bike und einen hilfreichen Tipp für uns hast!

  3. David says:

    This is a fantastic gym run be a Andrew a friendly German guy, the gym is very clean and has a big selection of weights and machines. Also has a number of cardio machines tredmills, bikes and cross trainers .. Also the sea views are awesome .
    Check this place out next time your in Karon

  4. Eric says:

    Awesome service with great hospitality. Triple thumbs up

  5. Vasiliy says:

    Good double business (gym+bike rental) run by german guy. I took a bike for 12 days there, which made the price very attractive (roughly 1600 baht for the whole period). The good point is the level of trust, that comes to you, when you see european face of the owner of business. I used to rent bikes on Samui island twice, took them in Thai small rental pionts and the quality of that bikes was really awfull. The german guy from Karon beach really takes care of its bike-park, no any problem with helmets, breaks, gasoline, etc. Guess that the story with the gym is the same, but i did’t try it unfortunately.
    Very recommended!
    Best wishes,
    Russian couple from Moscow.

  6. alen&sabina says:

    realy nice guy,great scooters,just a call or stop if you need rent scoter longer.he have good airport transfer even at 3 in the morning.i brought the scooter back with a nasty bird shit in the front,feeld realy bad ,but he was cool about it☺next time i take a moment to clean it a litle first promise.tenx andrew.

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