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  • David Catterall on New Karon Gym Testimonials: “I use a good gym regularly in Australia. I was concerned about having a break from training while on holiday. I did also wonder how the relative difference in temperature and humidity would effect me. The New Karon Gym is adequately air conditioned and having large fans made it a pleasure to work out there. They had almost all the equipment I am used to and Andrew was of great help to me. Thanks Andrew.October 25, 2023
  • Jimmy on New Karon Gym Testimonials: “Andrew’s gym has every machine I wanted and is clean and cool. He’s a great guy too!November 22, 2021
  • John on Phuket – New Karon Gym: “Fantastic big gym and Andrew is great. Highly recommendedJune 28, 2019
  • Selle on Phuket – New Karon Gym: “Very nice gym with all the equipment you need for a good workout. Enough barbells, dumbells and weights for experienced lifters. This place also has a huge variety of machines for every bodypart. I visited several gyms in Thailand and never had the possibility to lift the way I do at home. Also the gym is well air conditioned and has friendly customers. Daypass is 350 baht which is appropriate for the gym. You can also pay for 10 days or even longer and get a discount. The owner is very friendly and can offer a variety of helpful tips and advice. Ranging from training, to nutrition up to the best restaurants in the vicinity. You can also rent a motorbike there. I highly recommend you check this place out if you want to lift on your vacation.December 9, 2018
  • Patrick on Phuket – New Karon Gym: “I joined New Karon Gym the very first day I arrived in Karon Beach and am so glad that I did. This is a beautiful gym that has fantastic equipment, lots of free weights and great cardio machines. The gym is kept nice and cool and may just be the cleanest gym I’ve ever seen in my life. The staff is awesome and always treated me very politely. I also rented a scooter from Andrew (the owner of New Karon Gym) and have to say that Andrew is a GREAT guy, a pleasure to deal with and very honest. Thank you for making my stay in Karon so much better!! PatrickJanuary 8, 2018
  • Lisa Conway on Phuket – New Karon Gym: “Andrew Thank you for having me in your gym. I enjoyed the friendly environment very much. Can you pass a msg to Patrick please for me that I didn’t say good bye because I didn’t find him on the beach. Tell him I said goodbye and “don’t forget to put the towel down” Lisa from sunny Australia xDecember 23, 2017
  • Patrick Byrne on Phuket – New Karon Gym: “Hi Andrew, Awesome looking gym! I’m a Canadian coming to vacation for 3 weeks in December. Do you sell 1 week or 2 week gym passes and, if so, how much? Regards, PatrickNovember 16, 2017
  • Frank on Phuket – New Karon Gym: “I am going to be straight and to the point. Andrew is a phenomenal guy who is as straight up as they come. Do well by him he will do well by you. His gym is awesome and he is open 9-9 (which is crazy for the area because most places open at 11). Gym is always clean, cold, and you are always greeted with a smile, towel and locker key (Gym is awesome and you will not be disappointed). Protein (for us lifters) is insanely expensive in Phuket if you can find it and he helped me out with this too. He really is a one stop shop for anything that you need Phuket. Drove/picked us up 3 times to the airport for an extremely reasonable price and he gets you there quick! The man is a jack of all trades and rents motorbikes as well as rental space to stay (which btw he did by hand and is absolutely beautiful). Don’t shy away if you are not a gym goer, Andrew can certainly enhance your stay in Phuket.July 28, 2017
  • Chris on Phuket – New Karon Gym: “Training at new gym area is fantastic…recommend to everyone!!! Chris from germanyDecember 15, 2016
  • Alex on Phuket – New Karon Gym: “I have been to Phuket 3 times now and always go to Andrews gym. He is an excellent host and provides excellent service. I do not ride scooters in Thailand, so I used Andrew’s limousine service instead. I very much recommend him as an honest businessman and someone that provides outstanding customer service with your best interests in mind. So refreshing, and what an outstanding service in Thailand. If only more aimed to make money by making customers happy, like Andrew!December 15, 2016
  • Julian Botero on Phuket – New Karon Gym: “I was in Phuket last November and Andrew was super helpful while in Karon. I went to rent a scooter and ended up talking with Andrew for a while about my travels in Germany. The hotel we had booked messed up our reservation, so I was looking for a place to stay for a few nights. Andrew was able to help me out and took me over to a really good and cheap place close by and helped me get a room. He even helped us out with a ride to the airport when we left. I would recommend going to Andrew if you need help with anything while in Karon. Danke AndrewMay 11, 2016
  • Nikita on Phuket – New Karon Gym: “Хочу выразить благодарность Эндрю за возможность арендовать отличный, новый байк. Без него моё путешествие по Пхукету не было бы таким захватывающим! В следующую поездку на Пхукет обязательно буду посещать тренажёрный зал New Karon Gym и сниму апартаменты через Эндрю. Всем рекомендую!February 28, 2016
  • Evgeny Shumikhin on Phuket – New Karon Gym: “Great bike rental! Highly recommend Andrew and his services. Very professional guy. If you want a clean deal – that is the place to go. All bikes are tested, with full tank and with no surprises.February 3, 2016
  • justun on Phuket – New Karon Gym: “This is my second time coming to Phuket and training at the New Karon Gym,the equiptment in the gym is awesome,all the old school stuff and nice and heavy too.the atmosphere in the gym is always good aswell as gym owner Andrew ,whata great guy,just a great gym and look forward to training here again in the future. thanks andrew justin,anna and the kids from sydneyJanuary 4, 2016
  • robin on Phuket – New Karon Gym: “Well equiped with mashine allways clean and good cold aircon allways best regards robin from englandDecember 28, 2015
  • Chris Schrauder on Phuket – New Karon Gym: “Now we visit New Karon Gym 3 times (years ) and rented our motorbikes there too .we always find this place very clean with a fantastic sea view and the scooters in perfect condition ..that´s why we come back always here anything with out any problems ..perfect service ! We highly recommend this place for everyone ! Thanks Andrew for ur kind… Chris, Patrick and Harun from GermanyDecember 5, 2015
  • nils on Phuket – New Karon Gym: “Thank you andrew for nice take care me over 5 years now, ur clean gym is fantastic same the view over the sea,when i work out i enjoy it very much…i very recommended this place….for everyone..! nils from swedenOctober 24, 2015
  • Юрий и Айрин on Phuket – New Karon Gym: “Эндрю стал нам хорошим другом за 3 недели.Арендовали дом и байк.Чистый и уютный дом на тихой и красивой улочке рядом пляж, лучший на Пхукете.Новый байк без проблем .Эндрю всегда на связи ,всегда позаботится.Спасибо ему большое.October 22, 2015
  • Quy on Phuket – New Karon Gym: “Andrew not only runs the best equipped and located gym in Phuket, but also rents well serviced and modern motor bikes. When we’re in Phuket, Andrew is our motorbike guy. He charges resonable prices and is trustworthy. Do not rent somewhere else. Why? Because you will get scammed. Other bike rentals claim damages when you return the bikes. Not so Andrew. He is German and stands for quality, reliableness and fairness. Also he can provide you with all necessary informations for your entire stay. Andrew is our guy, let him be yours as well! Danke Andi, dafür dass du immer ein Bike und einen hilfreichen Tipp für uns hast!July 16, 2015
  • Eric on Phuket – New Karon Gym: “Awesome service with great hospitality. Triple thumbs upJune 20, 2015
  • Vasiliy on Phuket – New Karon Gym: “Good double business (gym+bike rental) run by german guy. I took a bike for 12 days there, which made the price very attractive (roughly 1600 baht for the whole period). The good point is the level of trust, that comes to you, when you see european face of the owner of business. I used to rent bikes on Samui island twice, took them in Thai small rental pionts and the quality of that bikes was really awfull. The german guy from Karon beach really takes care of its bike-park, no any problem with helmets, breaks, gasoline, etc. Guess that the story with the gym is the same, but i did’t try it unfortunately. Very recommended! Best wishes, Russian couple from Moscow.June 3, 2015
  • alen&sabina on Phuket – New Karon Gym: “realy nice guy,great scooters,just a call or stop if you need rent scoter longer.he have good airport transfer even at 3 in the morning.i brought the scooter back with a nasty bird shit in the front,feeld realy bad ,but he was cool about it☺next time i take a moment to clean it a litle first promise.tenx andrew.June 1, 2015
  • Iza & Patrick on Phuket – New Karon Gym: “We just had an amazing time in Phuket. We rented a motorbike from the owner of Karon gym and we experienced a great service at a very reasonable price and a very satisfactory customer support. Highly recommended, five star service!May 25, 2015
  • Robert und Sandra on Phuket – New Karon Gym: “haben bei Andrew für 3 Tage einen 125-Roller ausgeliehen. Wäre auch gerne länger gegangen…. Roller werden regelmäßig gewartet alles top in Schuss genau wie Andrew und sein Studio. Können wir nur weiterempfehlen wenn man in Phuket am Karon Beach seine Zeit verbringt!!!! Liebe Grüße aus Regensburg GermanyMay 17, 2015
  • Dmitriy on Phuket – New Karon Gym: “I spent a great time in Phuket!!! And one of the nicest things have happened to me is the visit New Karon Gym! Andrew, the owner of the gym is a really good man with experience. This gym has helped me to stay in great physical and mental shape!!! Thanks!!! Really recommend.May 6, 2015
  • Gary - UK on Phuket – New Karon Gym: “I spent a few months in Karon and one of the goals of my trip was to lose some weight and get fitter. After looking at the other gyms in the area it was clear that the NKG was the best option. Andrew has packed a wide range of machines and equipment into a relatively small space and is available for advice whenever you need. Air conditioned with sea views and some fine tunes playing in the background it’s a great location to improve yourself. Highly recommended. Gary – LondonApril 29, 2015
  • Phil & Yeshi on Phuket – New Karon Gym: “We just got back from Phuket where we rented a Honda 125 for a week from Andrew. We hunted all around town for a bike to rent and kept getting told that we had to leave our passports with them as security for return of the bike. We would never do this in any country, let alone Thailand! When we finally met Andrew and his wife they were a breath of fresh air! Everyone else had been trying to keep our passports AND charge us too much. Andrew was Professional, down the line and honest. At one stage an ATM swallowed our card. My girlfriend went to the gym and Andrews lovely wife called him and, even though he had left the gym to go elsewhere, he came back to see if he could help us. He is a great guy and is his wife is so nice. Don’t rent a bike from anyone else. They are definitely THE BEST! Phil & Yeshi from Perth, Australia.April 18, 2015
  • randi & steph on Phuket – New Karon Gym: “Great gym ,great service ,motorbikes best condition after 5 years nothing is change clean gym and the sea view is amazing…thanks andrew randi & steph from adelaideApril 12, 2015
  • Carl on Phuket – New Karon Gym: “Andrew rents out the most reliable Scooters in Karon. They’re well maintained and regularly serviced. I spend a good time looking around and the condition of the scooters in other places is horrific! I definitely recommend to rent a scooter at the New Karon Gym. Also, if you’re looking for a reliable Airport pick up – he’s your guy! If I come back to Karon, I’m going back to Andrew! Best, CarlApril 7, 2015
  • Teuvo & Hanna, Finland on Phuket – New Karon Gym: “We rent very good condition Honda motorbikes from this very friendly owner for 2 weeks low rent price and bikes work all the time perfect. He show his nice bungalow too, sad we have already booked expensive hotel rooms.. bungalow was really nice and price is very low too.. next time i call and book bungalow from Andrew too 😀 He help us everything problems and drive us too the airport and everything goes perfect ! Nice gym too near the beach, maybe next trip have time to training too 😀 Thank you Andrew for everything and see you next trip !!April 4, 2015

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  1. David Catterall says:

    I use a good gym regularly in Australia. I was concerned about having a break from training while on holiday. I did also wonder how the relative difference in temperature and humidity would effect me. The New Karon Gym is adequately air conditioned and having large fans made it a pleasure to work out there. They had almost all the equipment I am used to and Andrew was of great help to me. Thanks Andrew.

  2. Jimmy says:

    Andrew’s gym has every machine I wanted and is clean and cool. He’s a great guy too!

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