Phuket – New Karon Gym

Welcome to the best gym in Phuket! New Karon Gym, under German management, has weights, machines and expert advice you need to stay in great shape in Karon, Phuket , Thailand.

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156 Responses to Phuket – New Karon Gym

  1. justun says:

    This is my second time coming to Phuket and training at the New Karon Gym,the equiptment in the gym is awesome,all the old school stuff and nice and heavy too.the atmosphere in the gym is always good aswell as gym owner Andrew ,whata great guy,just a great gym and look forward to training here again in the future. thanks andrew
    justin,anna and the kids from sydney

  2. robin says:

    Well equiped with mashine allways clean and good cold aircon allways
    best regards
    robin from england

  3. Chris Schrauder says:

    Now we visit New Karon Gym 3 times (years ) and rented our motorbikes there too .we always find this place very clean with a fantastic sea view and the scooters in perfect condition ..that´s why we come back always here anything with out any problems ..perfect service ! We highly recommend this place for everyone ! Thanks Andrew for ur kind…

    Chris, Patrick and Harun from Germany

  4. nils says:

    Thank you andrew for nice take care me over 5 years now, ur clean gym is fantastic same the view over the sea,when i work out i enjoy it very much…i very recommended this place….for everyone..!
    nils from sweden

  5. Юрий и Айрин says:

    Эндрю стал нам хорошим другом за 3 недели.Арендовали дом и байк.Чистый и уютный дом на тихой и красивой улочке рядом пляж, лучший на Пхукете.Новый байк без проблем .Эндрю всегда на связи ,всегда позаботится.Спасибо ему большое.

  6. Pavel says:

    Большое спасибо за возможность тренироваться на качественном уровне в отпуске. Занимаюсь давно,временами соревнуюсь,в зале и мне,и моей девушке удалось найти все необходимое для тренировок,дефицита не испытали ни в чем. Эндрю,большое спасибо.

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